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Great Story and Characters

By Shannon Stacey No Place to Hide [Paperback] - Shannon Stacey

Jack and the Devlon group had rescued Isabelle one year ago. After she had been kidnapped. Isabelle has worked to get her life back and there is an attack on her life. Isabelle calls Jack. Jack still misses Isabelle and still thinks about her but Jack is the one that made Isabelle leave. When Isabelle calls for help he immediately goes to her. Jack knew how much he cared for Isabelle but he also knew how dangerous his job was and how easily he could die. Jack then finds out that the most illusive hit man is after Isabelle and his record was perfect. Soon Isabelle and Jack are on the run trying to keep her alive. Of course Jack has some help from the team. I loved this story. This story had plenty suspense, action and hotness. I loved how Jack went right to Isabelle when she really needed him and he didn’t have any seconds thought about going to her. I loved how Isabelle was strong even after all she had been through. I love how Jack no longer doubts his or Isabelle’s feelings. All and all a great read. This was fast paced and I also loved the plot. This was also well written. I loved the characters . I also loved the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend. I do just wish it was a little longer