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Good Story and Characters

Teasing Hands by Elena M. Reyes (2014-09-17) - Elena M. Reyes

Amanda’s basketball team just won their college championship. Amanda and her teammates are all friends but Courtney is Amanda’s best friend. The girls are out celebrating and Amanda dances with a man she is very drawn to. Amanda’s mom gets her to have a girls day even though Amanda is very comfortable being a tomboy. Camden’s family owns the spa that Amanda and her mom have their spa day and Camden is Amanda’s massage therapist but he is also the man who Amanda had danced with and had been so drawn to. Camden has some rules: one is hands off clients and the other is no relationships. Camden is thirty two and divorced. Amanda is not looking for a relationship. Two years ago Amanda’s heart had been broken by Hunter when he wanted to pursue” other interest”. Amanda’s mom would like to see Amanda and Hunter back together and would try to help Hunter reach that goal when He wants to get back in Amanda’s life. Amanda finds she wants a relationship with Camden but he doesn’t do relationships. This was a good read. There was definite chemistry between Camden and Amanda. This also has a good plot. I liked when Camden felt jealous over Amanda I also liked to see the good relationship between Amanda and her mother. This was fast paced and had a good plot. I would have liked to see Amanda and Camden outside a sexual situation. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this story a lot. I recommend this story.