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Good Story and Characters

The Light of Day: A Beyond the Horizon Novel - Kristen Kehoe

Cora had a strained relationship with her Mom for a long time. Then her mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This sends Cora into a worse state and she turns to alcohol, drugs and one night stands. Finally Cora hits rock bottom and with the help of her best friend who is also Cora’s cousin Mia Cora goes to rehab to face her alcoholism and sex addiction.It had been a year now and Cora had been celibate and sober. Mia is marrying Ryan. Ryan’s friend Jake is there for the wedding week. Jake was a college baseball player and had severely injured his elbow and did not know if he would be able to pitch again. Jake had already had surgery. Jake had problems coping and turns to alcohol and women. Then Jake meets Cora and something pulls him to her. Ryan warns Jake that Cora is fragile and not to make Cora another sexual conquest. Cora refuses to date Jake. She knows how easy you can be tempted and then end up falling off the wagon. Cora tried not to even let Jake into her life but Jake is determined to be in her life. So both Jake and Cora need to go to Portland.Cora to face her demons and Jake to finish his therapy program. Jake talks Cora into sharing an apartment. Jake is going to be Cora’s best friend and roommate. Jake and Cora start to open up and start to fall in love.But they know he will be leaving to try out for Major League baseball. Jake is gone Cora’s mother gets worse and Cora starts to fall apart again. Four months after Jake had left he gets a phone call for Cora’s friend for help.

This was a good read. I was happy Jake was there for Cora and he for her. I loved the fact there wasn’t insta/love you saw the relationship grow into a strong friendship and go from there. This was well written with a good plot. I loved how Mia was there for Cora. I also loved how Ryan warned his friend in Cora’s behalf. This was a sweet story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.