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Tag - Shari J. Ryan

Cali is at college even though she has graduated. She is in a class called Cognitive Psychology Which is being taught by Professor Lance. Her friend Lexi thinks Cali likes to pick up random guys but Cali doesn’t really take the guys home it is all part of the act. Cali has watched her sister Krissy’s throat be slashed by the man Cali had let in and given her heart to. Before her face Krissy was murdered and was helpless to do anything she had tried to shoot the man but hadn’t really hurt him and then he shot Cali. Cali crawled to Krissy and laid beside her and then Krissy’s heart stopped beating . The professor didn’t recognize Cali, she then proceeds to play up to him. She gets professor Lance to admit he raped Krissy and the she admits she is Krissy’s sister and tells him she had recorded him on her phone and the recording was on YouTube. He wife has left, he had no job, and soon he would be facing jail time and being the one raped. Cali suggest he off himself and he does. Then Cali got a phone call from her dad telling her there was a ticket at the airport for her. Now Krissy’s murder hunted Cali and this would bring attention to where she now was. Cali was to leave that night. Tango is walking away from the people he loves and is not coming back. Tango’s family thinks he is dead as that is what they were told. Tango had been the one to go to the door of a family once, to give the news to a marine’s family that their son had died but Tango had fought beside their son and felt it was his duty to go to the marines parents even though it shredded his heart. Two days after his funeral Tango joined a mercenary service in hopes of keeping his remaining time occupied. Within a day of enrollment Eli Tate called Tango requesting his services and Tango accepted. In two weeks Tango would fly out from L A to Boston on her flight and start his job in Boston when they landed. Tango wonders if Cali even knows the type of danger that has been following her around for three years.Tango has problems forgetting what he had done in Iraq and Afghanistan while in the marines and in service to his country.Once landing Cali doesn’t have a message from her father yet so she has nowhere to go as he always sets up a safe place for her to live. Then Cali realizes her father has sent Tango and she told Tango she didn’t need him. But Tango said they were still going to be “ roomies and besties”. Cali’s father belongs to the CIA and has taught Cali how to handle herself. Cali is an expert with a gun and knows how to read people. There was one person Cali had misjudged and he murdered her sister. Cali and Tango are to leave Boston as the Reaper- as Cali calls Krissy’s killer- was near. Cali’s dad was seldom around when she was growing up. and once Cali’s mom died from cancer Cali had no one to trust, and lean on, or love her. Now Cali’s father had virtually disappeared and was on the run. But Cali does hear from him by phone. Tango irritated Cali at times but he was breaking down her walls.  There was an attraction between Cali and Tango. Cali and Tango decide to head to Mexico to find her dad and are climbing canyons. They stop in a cave for the night and Cali has  to go to the bathroom. Reaper and a cohort Jorge crab Cali and take her away. Jorge is sent back to kill Tango. Reaper roughs Cali up as she had got into his head but Cali slips his grip and he falls down the cliffs. Cali has been hurt but Tango finds her after he takes out Jorge. Will Tango ever tell Cali why he coughs up blood as they grow closer?

I definitely love this story is a new favorite of mine. It was well written.It also had a great plot.i loved how Cali was determined to make everyone pay who had hurt her sister Krissy. Even though it drew attention to her and there were evil people after her  to try to get to her father. I was glad Tango was there for Cali and I loved how their relationship flowed into friendship and then more. I felt bad when Tango sat in the car when they told his parents he was dead. This was a fast paced story and how could it be anything else and work. It sure kept my attention. I was on the edge of my seat at times and didn’t want to put the story down. I did laugh at times and others I did choke up. It was a little slow at times yet that did not take away from the story enough that you consider not finishing this not even close. I loved tango and Cali together. They had so much against them but at least now they had each other. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story. I just loved the book and I highly recommend.