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Good Story and Characters

Summer Indiscretions - Tamara Mataya

Melanie was on vacation or suppose to be but answered her phone anyway. Melanie was HR but Thaddeus Mitchell the III and he always contacts Melanie even after work hours. . Thaddeus has been hired directly by Melanie's boss and has been a pain in Melanie’s butt for thirty one days since he had been hired. Melanie’s best friend is Berkley. Shelby and Melanie are to switch homes for three weeks. Melanie has a small cramped apartment where as Shelby lives in a spacious condo. The switch is about experiencing something new. Melanie was doing the most adventurous thing she had ever done. Melanie’s longest relationship had been seven months. After Melanie settled in some to Shelby’s place she decided to go to the beach and she ended up on the nude beach instead of the one she had intended to go to. Shawn is Melanie’s brother and he calls his best friend Blake who is just starting his two week vacation tells Blake how Melanie had traded homes. Blake was on his third year in his doctor of physical therapy at NYU. Blake loved message therapy but it is hard on the body. Melanie was the director of human resources at a magazine. After talking to Blake for a bit Shawn offers Blake a ticket to and from Miami if he will go check on Melanie. As Melanie didn’t do things like swap places for three weeks. . Blake shows up at the nude beach. Earlier that day Melanie finally gets the nerve to go topless at the nude beach and then Blake shows up o sleep with her brothers best friend there while Melanie was still topless. Bailey had sent Blake the address where Melanie was staying. The last time Blake and Melanie had seen each other was three months before. In N Y Melanie was too responsible and level headed But switched Melanie had a crush on Blake for ten years now and she wants to let Blake know. She had figured in N Y Blake just looked at her as Shawn’s little sister. Blake has problems keeping his hands off Melanie and how he seen her at the beach topless. Blake and Melanie becomes lovers. I thought this was a cute story and really liked it. liked how Blake went ahead and went to Florida to make sure Melanie was okay. Once their chemistry is known to each other it was a no hold barred situation for Blake and Melanie in Miami. I like how Melanie decides outside her comfort zone more times than once. So all and all a good read and I liked the plot. I like the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.