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Great Story and Characters

Chasing Victory (The Winters Sisters, #1) - Joanne Jaytanie

Victory had an ultra keen sense of hearing. She could also interpret the reactions of animals. There had been a sudden break in the forest’s tapestry. Victory heard Jeff’s voice and then Detective Ken Howard who was a homicide detective. Who had the investigation of Victory’s friend Lisa Evans who was found murdered in the parking garage. There was a thug with The detective Howard who killed Jeffery . Victory knew she could let no one know she had known Jeffery and was suppose to have met him as she ran. Jeffery and Victory had been inseparable in college and then one week before graduation Jeffery was approached by a corporate man and went Jeffery went with him for the money. It had been  five years since Victory heard from Jeffery then he called her asking if she would meet him. Ariel agreed as she still felt an emotional bond to Jeffery. Now Ariel knew she had to disappear until she knew what was going on and she couldn’t leave a paper trail. Victory headed to meet up with her sister Payton. Jeffery had been Tristan’s only lead until Tristan picked up Victory’s scent. Tristan was a former Navy Seal was now ranked as a commander and lead team Alpha. - a secret special  ops operation. Wyatt was his boss and older brother. Six months ago Tristan and Wyatt were transferred to these positions.  Captain Roberts was now the general in charge of SOCOM - the secret special ops operation Roberts wanted to form a special team using military personnel who displayed more advanced instincts. Victory was a veterinarian and geneticist and specializes in molecular biology and works for Claremont Research.Dave Anderson and Jerry Jeenis were down the block from the fairgrounds where Victory was with her sister Payton for a dog show.  They were waiting for Max to return from recon. Jerry was the person who had killed Jeffery. They want Victory and her research. Victory is blackmailed into working for them and taken to an island paradise.

I absolutely loved this story. I loved the plot. I also got caught up in the story from the very beginning and stayed that way until the end of the story.  I was glad Victory had Tristan on her side that is for sure. I also loved how her sister Payton was immediately there for Victory. I loved the dog in this story it added to the story for me. I really found nothing wrong  with this story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I highly recommend.