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Good Story and Characters

Last to Die: A gripping psychological thriller - Arlene Hunt

Jessica tried fanning herself but it did nothing to dispel the heat. Tracey was a teaching assistant and as far as Jessica was concerned the best assistant Jessica had worked with. Jessica was a teacher and her students were the products of: appalling neglect, both mental and physical abuse. They were children of alcoholics and drug addicted parents, parents who spent their welfare on booze, weed and, crystal meth. That often left grandparents to have the children but they could only feed and House them As Jessica started to walk toward the cafeteria Kyle Sanders stepped out and had a semiautomatic weapon on him. Kyle started shooting and kids panicked and started running every which way. Some fell and were stamped. Jessica ran and tackled Kyle into the cafeteria and fought for control of the gun. There was another kid in black who Kyle yelled to and he shot Jessica but she got the gun shot Kyle and then shot in the direction of the boy in black.Jessica crawled over to the other boy but he died shortly thereafter.  His name was Caleb Switch but he now went by the name Arthur Samuel Weils- Caleb had killed and buried the real Arthur. Caleb had a beard but close to the skin it hid a scar one of the many from his childhood and his father, Caleb considered his body a tool and maintained it to perfection. Caleb got his weapons got in his truck and went halfway up the mountain to Devil’s Ridge. He let the girl out of the compartment in the truck by the spare tire and and let the girl out explaining she had a five minute head start then he would go after her. He also told her the way to the road if she made it that far. Caleb was going to hunt the girl. Darla was a reporter and worked for the Gazette for four years. Darla hated her life and wanted a chance at that one big story. Nothing really happened in Rockville. Then Darla got a call from Pip Lowe from the newsroom and was told something was going on at Rockville High and there was a shooting. Darla said she was on it and her and Chippy who was the cameraman left to go to the H S. Jessica became the hero helping to save lives and taking down the two shooters. Darla wanted to interview Jessica while she was in the hospital but Jessica just wants to be left alone. Darla digs deeper into Jessica’s background and finds out things even Jessica’s husband doesn’t know about. Jessica grabs Caleb’s attention by being labeled a hero. Caleb is relentless, focused, cold, and smart. Jessica has PTSD , she has the shakes, and nightmares of killing a fourteen year old boy. But Caleb is determined to get Jessica and he does.

This was a good story and keeps you on on your toes even though you already know who the villain is. This story is well written and it grabs your attention right from the beginning and keeps it right until the end. But the story did drag some in the middle of the story. Caleb was shown as the serial killer he was with no mercy or conscience. I loved how Jessica stepped and took out the killers. I didn’t want to set this down except it took a little bit to get  through the parts that dragged. I liked the characters a lot and loved the ins and outs of the story. I recommend.