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Scar Tissue by M C Domovitch (2016-02-10) - M C Domovitch

She had to keep running if she expected to escape her captor even though Ciara didn’t know how much farther she could go. Ciara hadn’t had any real food in days and only had sips of water. Ciara seen headlights she ran into the road and was hit by a car and was now in a coma. When she came to her sister Diedre was there. Ciara had been in a coma seventeen days and had been missing eight days. Ciara couldn’t remember anything after getting in the new BMW Brent had let her borrow to leave the photoshoot then Ciara woke up in the hospital. Ciara had a feeling something was being kept from her. From the day Ciara had signed on with Goudreault Modeling Agency Ciara’s dream had been to work with world renowned photographer Ivan Hearst. His shots graced the covers of cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, and even Vogue frequently. The photoshoot had gone great Ciara had her makeup done by Ethne- the most famous makeup artist in NYC. ciara felt Ivan would ask for her again as he put her in the forefront of all hs shots today. Being one of Ivan’s favorite models would ensure Kiara a long and successful career. All ciara remembered was climbing in Brent’s BMW then nothing. Ciara had a cut that was only a few hours old when Ciara had been hit. Ciara had been the victim of the Cutter. The Cutter was the name the media cave a rapist/murderer after three girls had been tortured to death. Ciara had seen an ad about self defense lessons and took some to get her life back. After Ciara knew her career in modeling was over she decided to move with her sister in Seattle. Ciara took a Ciara took a make up artistry course and ended up working in a funeral home because of the jobs market as she owed her sister for paying for her daily needs her course and all the things she needed to get for the course . She alo had medical bills left to pay. Geraldine- brent’s mother who had never liked Ciara with Brent overheard him talking to Deidre and heard about her starting to remember. Then Geraldine made a call of her own. Lars got the call about Ciara and he knew he had to capture Ciara again. Nothing had felt so good as those eight days he had Ciara in his power. Ciara was doing well at the funeral home and two little girls came in= sisters killed in a farming accident. Ciara touched one of the girls hands without her latex glove and saw how the girls had died. To Lars Ciara was the only victim that mattered to him - she was special. Lars had brought a van off Craigs list and did his prep work and waited for Ciara as she walked home from work. He did catch her but Ciara fought and got a rock and hit him in the head and he passed out and escaped . Lars came back got into their house and ended up killing Deidre and Ciara was again on the run. A good story and I enjoyed it. I liked how Ciara fought back and refused to just be taken a second time even after she found her sister murdered by Lars. I also liked how Ciara got over her dislike of the funeral home and liked working there. It was great to see ciara keep her head together and do whatever she had to do to survive. It was a little slow at times but you wanted to keep going to find out what was next and who the murderer was. I loved the character and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.