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Fifty Shades of Tinsel: Portrait of a Heartthrob - Kirk Alex

Woman liked him, gays liked him even straight men liked him. Jimmy Riff AKA tubesteak AKA James Kidd was hung. Jimmy was special as even a well known lesbian wanted more of him-Renata. Benjamin felt “ KIDD” was movie star material, Kidd was sure perfection. Benjamin had promised to get James Kidd a start in the movies if he did exactly as Benjamin told him. Benjamin was Kidd’s manager. Kidd stayed away from anything that could harm him or pull him down. Jimmy was a Preacher’s son and had been on his way to Oregon. A close eye was being kept on everything Jimmy did. Jimmy was with Lisa Koch who had been a top agent eight years ago.

I did not like this story at all. It was basically just plain twisted sex and as far as I am concerned there was no plot really. I could not even make it half way through the story.  I even laid it down and then came back to the story but it just didn’t help. I am sure someone else will enjoy this book just not me.