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Flirting with Fangs - Peg Pierson

Bailey was an author and for the third year in a row she was invited to the New England Romance Writers in Boston Nicole was Bailey’s best friend and agent. Bailey and her husband Richard broke up and Bailey was having trouble with writer’s block. For six years Bailey and Nicole had worked perfectly together.Bailey and Nicole were a team and believed in each other. Bailey had caught Richard with an eighteen year old candy stripper. Richard was a doctor and they had only been married three years and he had moved out six months ago. Bailey was still very depressed. Somehow Torin the dark warrior  hero who was also a vampire from her romance series was in Bailey’s hotel room. After having sex several times that night Bailey was much more relaxed but then Nicole showed up to tell Bailey she had to write one hundred and fifty well written pages of her new novel by that Friday or the publishing company was dropping Bailey and her series. Torin and Mallory were able to write a lot of good pages of said book together But the next day after Bailey had sent Nicole the pages all the parts mentioning Torin had disappeared and Nicole was in a rage. Bailey could not understand it.

This was a very good story and I really liked it. It got a little crazy toward the end but I still enjoyed it. I loved how Torin swore not to drink human blood until he found his one true love. I didn’t like how Nicole made it look like Torin had slept with her and bit her that was very selfish of Nicole and she only cared Bailey write not how hurt she would be. That’s not a best friend. Nicole knew how unhappy Bailey had already been. I also liked how Richard had prevented Bailey from being killed at the ball. All and all a good read and I enjoyed. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of the story and I recommend.