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Great Story and Characters

Everything for Her - Alexa Riley

Miles/Oz had seen Mallory the first time when Oz was twenty two and Mallory was seventeen. Mallory was in a state level H S math competition and she won. Paige and Mallory move to NYC after graduation from college- Yale- Paige and Mallory had been roommates since freshman year. Now they are in a condo Paige bought to start a home in NYC. Even though Paige and Mallory are so different they are best friends actually more like sisters. Paige and Mallory balance each other out. Paige had bought the condo when Mallory told her she had gotten an offer to intern at Osborne Corp They Corp only offers three internships a year. Paige decided they were going out their first night in NYC and it’s a Friday night. As Mallory orders a second drink she sees a credit card handed to the bartender to pay for her drink. Mallory had been in the foster system since she was a young child she didn’t remember her parents but did have a photo album in her closet with her and her parents in it. Mallory had been really smart and did well in school. Mallory is memorized by the man who had paid for her drink and had never been so flirty with a stranger. When asked her name she tells the man to pretend they were in Emerald City and he was the wizard behind the curtain. So then the man tells her his name is Oz. At twenty three Mallory had never slept with a man or really even dated as she concentrated on school. But she does give Oz her name and number before leaving the nightclub. Oz texts Mallory Sunday night but Mallory doesn’t find out a whole lot about him. Paige also gets a job at Osborne Corp in security. Mallory falls for Oz quickly but he seems as committed and connected and fallen for Mallory. I loved this story.Maybe Oz went about things wrong but he loved Mallory and would do anything to make her happy. I liked also that Oz made sure Mallory had the opportunity to get a good education she of course had to do the work. Also a chance at a good job. Oz also let Mallory carry on with her job I know Paige was hired as Mallory’s bodyguard but she truly loved Mallory as a sister. I was glad Paige talked Oz into giving Mallory some time once she found out the truth. I also loved the fact Mallory forgave Paige rather easily. I truly enjoyed this story so much. I didn’t want to set it down once I started reading it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.