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Draw Play: A Sports Romance - Tia Lewis

Jake had just been told by his football coach he was to have a tutor which upset Jake but there was nothing he could do. Jake came from a poor family and knew he needed football to get out of that environment. Jake was a senior now and only had this year to impress the scouts. Claire had a roommate-Jess who she had for five semesters now. Jess thought her other friends were losers and her friends felt the same about Jess. Claire had been working at the campus bookstore to make ends meet. Claire ends up being Jake’s tutor Jake is ashamed at first and Claire had a bad experience with a football player in H S so she wasn’t happy about her new placement. But as time goes on Claire and Jake are attracted to each other and start a relationship.

I didn’t love this and i didn’t hate this. It had some good things to it and some I didn’t really enjoy the plot. It was a very familiar one sports player and a tutor I read this before. I didn’t like how the characters attitudes toward the other characters. Like Claire’s friends toward the jocks.  Did like how Jake’s and Claire’s study together when she is tutoring him and how they act as time goes on. Story just seemed bland to me and as I said familiar. I didn’t like how Jake told the coach there were a lot of other women when he told Jake not to let Claire go. Yet I liked the chemistry between Claire and Jake most of the time. So I liked most of the ins and outs. But this story didn’t WOW me.