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Great Story and Characters

Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish: A Halloween Romance - Andrew G. Marshall

Brandan Forrester was the creator of Horror Monger- a popular horror website with thousands of followers. Brandan was the guy Nora needed to terrify. In middle school Nora had made fun of certain people and Brandan was one of them. But now they were grown up. Nora was at her job at the Haunted Shack and her manager had warned them Brandan would be coming through. Brandan was going to all the haunted houses in the area and ranking them. In H S Nora's sophomore year Nora got in a car accident that left an ugly scar down her face. Her friends called her Scarface not meanly but Nora hated the reminder of the scar.  Then she felt guilty for how she had been so mean in middle school to Brandan and others. Nora started being more human at sixteen and by seventeen even passed as a nice person Nora started working at the Haunted Shack two years ago during Halloween and the money was great nora was nineteen and she was good at her job at the Haunted Shack. Nora was a theater student and needed to money for her next semester. Then Nora and Brandan had a conversation on twitter that grows into texting messages. Brandan and Nora find they have a lot in common when texting and they get close but every time Brandan showed up at the Haunted Shack Nora portrayed a different character. Brandan does eventually find out who Nora is.

I really loved this story it was cute as well as sweet short story. I didn’t want to put this story down.I liked it showed Nora’s self growth. There was insta/ love insta/ lust but as it happens every now and then that works and this is one of those times and i don’t mind it. This had a great plot. I loved the characters in this story and I also loved the ins and outs and I highly recommend.