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Great Story and Characters

Candlelight Conspiracy - Dana Volney

Sophie is a florist during the day and a lead guitarist at night. Sophie uses her jobs to avoid relationships. Marc is her neighbor who is a standoffish type of neighbor who is a restaurant owner. Sophie’s building loses it’s power and she has no candles and she is hungry. So Marc invites her to eat and during a candlelight testing of the menu. Marc and Sophie bond. Before they realize what hit them Marc and Sophie they care a lot for each other maybe even call it love. After all it is the holidays.

This is a quick and light read and I loved it. I loved the easy way between Marc and Sophie once they were in the candlelight when he had seemed so standoffish. The characters were great and i loved how Sophie tried to use her two jobs to avoid relationships and Marc was bust and yet…. Even though this was a quick read the story didn’t lack anything as far as I am concerned and I enjoyed reading this. I loved the plot and it was great and I loved the ins and outs and i highly recommend.