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Good Story and Characters

Worked Up (Made in Jersey) - Tessa Bailey

Samantha loved drawing. Renner was Samantha’s step brother yet she considered him her closest family member. Samantha was a childhood book illustrator and loved her job. She felt drawing didn’t abandon you like people did when the going got tough. Samantha came to Hook- a sleepy factory town for some adventure. She went into a dive bar called The Third Shift and ordered a martini. Samantha smacked her head on the bar and was having some double vision and at the opposite end of the bar was a guy Sam nicknamed Goliath he was huge and not exactly handsome. Goliath was watching her but didn’t have a smile on his face. Samantha decided she had to draw him- just the bare bones she could fill in the rest when she got back to Renner’s apartment. Goliath’s real name was Duke and told the two guys that offered to buy Sam a drink to get lost. Duke had left his house as he could not get any peace with his four divorced sisters there that he was letting stay with him.Now he felt his only refuge had been invaded by Samantha. All Duke wanted was to watch Sportscenter in peace. He hadn’t got to watch any sporting events lately at home.Duke was not into commitments and neither was Sam. Duke doesn’t talk or date much. Duke works in the factory as a machine mechanic that Renner owns. Sam and Duke has an instant attraction and they end up giving into it. Sam awakes possessiveness and a need to protect Sam in Duke. Sam has a secret passion she wants to make come true and Renner holds the key as her loan contract broker. But Renner threw in Sam had to be married. When Sam was talking to duke about and the part about having to be married Duke offers a marriage of convenience.

I really enjoyed this insta lust/love story. I usually don’t like the insta love stories but this one just seemed to work for Duke and Samantha and didn’t seem to bother me. Duke was so sweet and I want a Duke type man in my life. Anyway I loved how Duke and Sam interacted with each other. Duke’s dirty mouth wasn’t as turn off either. Duke  seemed to be protective of Sam right from the start when he told the two other men to get lost while at the bar. Poor Duke taking into his home four divorced sisters. That of course were down talking men. I felt for Duke but he was a good man. I didn’t care for Renner  who didn’t really seem to care for Samantha for how she felt he was family. But now she had Duke… Anyway I loved the characters and ins and outs and I recommend.