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Dare You to Run: An Unbroken Heroes Novel - Dawn Ryder

Damascus felt the cold bone deep, he had been kidnapped and was put into a concrete hold. Damascus knew she had to be stronger than her circumstance if she wanted to survive. Vitus Hale thought Damascus was a pitiful mess but then again she was a Washington debutante who had slipped away from her escort and got herself kidnapped. Vitus was used to the shadows that is where Vitus spent most of his time. Vitus had been a Navy Seal. Vitus was attracted to Damascus. Vitus gave Damascus a choice - take her back to her father right away or keep her out of sight and see if the ex seals can catch the people who took her. Damascus wanted to wait and see if the ex Seals could catch her kidnappers. One week later Vitus wanted Damascus as much as she wanted him but Vitus had to remind Damascus he wasn’t the type of man Jeb had picked out for Damascus. Damascus realized she moved through her life half asleep. But right now Damascus was who she really was and she wanted to get to know who she was with Vitus. Vitus proposes to Damascus and they become engaged. But when Damascus gets back to the states she breaks the engagement and cuts all communication off with Vitus. Tyler Martin wants to marry Damascus . Jeb Ryland’s - Damascus’s father- has involvement behind the scenes especially when Raven and his men come into play. Also Presidential hopeful Carl Davis wants to bring down the Hale brothers. Jeb was power hungry and a control freak. Jeb threatened that Vitus won’t make it through his next mission enless Damascus breaks all ties and communications with Vitus. So Damascus calls off everything without a reason. Vitus’s Navy seal team is double crossed by people who had tried to kill them. Damascus and Vitus meet again three years later when she is to give Vitus a medal for rescuing her. Vitus as well as  Damascus have a mission but they both still want and love each other.

I had mixed feelings on this story. I liked some things about the story and didn’t care for others.. I definitely didn’t like the names Vitus and Damascus. The plot was good just too much going on. Also a little too much sex in the story yet we are told of the first kiss but not shown. It would have been easier to read the first story for background reasons. Vitus had been a Navy Seal why didn’t Damascus let him do his thing instead of just walking away. Vitus's team would have been with him and had his back.But I did like how the feelings were still there for Damascus and Vitus. All and all not a bad story just not one of my favorites.