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When We Touch (A Graham Novel) - Heather Graham

Maggie- Lady Graham was the daughter of the late Baron Edward Graham. Maggie’s uncle Angus had arrived . Maggie was considered the black sheep of the family as she had married a commoner - Nathan-who had been a cop but two years into the marriage he was killed. Maggie would not trade the time or memories she had of Nathan. Jacques was Maggie’s friend and defender. Maggie admitted to Jacques her uncle Angus was not one of her favorite people. Maggie had two grand passions- easing the lives of the hungry orphans in the East end and unmasking the charltons that cheated rich and poor alike out of their livelihoods while promising to contact the mourned departed of these people who came to them. Angus worked in the Queen’s household. Justin was Maggie’s twin brother was also at the house. Justin looked sick. Justin had gambled away all the money they had inherited and he owed their uncle Angus a large sum. Angus had an answer to their problem as the Viscount Langdon- charles had asked about Maggie and wanted to marry her. Charles had seen Maggie in her first season and had adored  her and now that he felt it was time he married again he wanted Maggie. Jamie Langdon was Charles's great nephew Jamie had seen Justin here and there and he was nice as well as polite  and loyal but at the gaming tables he just went crazy. Jamie’s great uncle Charles had consulted with Jamie on important decisions for many years. Jamie and Maggie are instantly attracted to each other on meeting even though Jamie thought Maggie was a gold digger so he is determined nothing will happen between them. But Maggie is determined to be a faithful wife. Also Jamie would never intentionally hurt his great uncle. Maggie is followed by Jamie to the East end as he thinks she may be going to meet a lover then to make sure she was safe since this is also the time of Jack The Ripper. Charles has a daughter a couple years younger than Maggie and she despises Maggie. Maggie did sleep with Jamie the night before her wedding. Jamie wanted Maggie to call off the wedding but Maggie refused as she really didn’t have a choice.

I had mixed feelings of this story didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. It was slow at times for me and seemed far fetched. I had a hard time liking some of the characters. But I did enjoy putting in Jack The Ripper to amp up the danger in the story. I liked that Maggie went against society and married the man she loved. I also liked that Maggie wanted to help the poor and downtrodden. I did admire Jamie wanting to do what was right. So i guess with Jamie and Maggie the heart wants what it wants. I didn’t respect Maggie not calling off the wedding but I know that was the only way she felt she could save her twin brother as well as herself. I did like most of the ins and outs.