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Don't Tell Anyone: A Mystery - Eleanor Gray

Tara was thirteen when her father Archie and her other Grace are separating and Tara is furious until Archie brings up the fact Tara can come visit him at Kristine’s and will have her own room with a connecting bathroom and also have friends over for the night. Grace is devastated Archie is leaving to live with his mistress and Grace still loves her husband. Archie had rich parents and walked away to become a nurse and marry Grace and his parents disinherited him. Now Archie would be with his mistress who was rich and now there would be money again. Tara was excited about visiting her dad but also felt bad for her mother. Four years later Tara was seventeen and had been murdered by her boyfriend Jordan Dukes. Grace had seen Jordan three times while he and Tara were together before her murder. Tara had liked Jordan’s swagger, stable and quick wit, and Jordan always had a cheesey answers for everything. Jordan showed no remorse and was silent throughout the nine day trial. Jordan claimed he would never hurt Tara and was innocent and he cared about Tara. But Jordan’s own defense team called Jordan a pathological liar. Grace had been drinking a lot since Tara’s murder.Grace told herself several times she would stop drinking so much now she said she would stop drinking when the sun felt good on her face again and she didn’t feel guilty to smile. Tiff- Grace’s older sister- was the typical older sister and bossy but  went to the sentencing with Grace. Grace was in a fog of her own grief and felt when your child dies that hope and your reason for everything dies also. It had been eight months and things weren’t getting any better for Grace. Grace had lost a lot of weight since Tara’s murder. Archie and Grace had met at a party in London when Grace had been studying at Goldsmith for her degree to be an art historian. Archie was a nurse at St. Thomas Hospital. Jordan was sentenced to life with eighteen years minimum for Tara’s murder. One day Jordan’s dad Allan stopped to see Grace out of the blue. Allan is absolutely sure his son Jordan did not kill Tara. allan said it was true that Jordan was mixed up in a gang and had done things Allan was ashamed of but Allan said Jordan was not a murderer. Grace understands what Allan is going through but doesn’t doubt Jordan took her daughter’s life until someone breaks into Grace’s home and goes through Tara’s things. Then Grace as well as Allan starts to investigate on their own . Grace is shocked at what she finds out about Tara and realizes she hadn’t known her own daughter Tara. Now Grace was in danger as well as Allen.

I had mixed feelings on this story. It had a good plot and was well written. But I got irritated when Grace kept thinking “ what would Archie think”. Archie left her for a rich younger woman get over him all ready. I also found this story dragged in places for me. This did keep me guessing - somewhat on who killed Tara . I didn’t particularly care for most of the characters but perhaps that is what the author planned. The truth was also a bit far fetched when it was revealed for me at least. I did like some of the ins and outs.