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Good Story and Characters

Disengaged: Bad Boy Mafia Romance: A Dangerously Forbidden Love Affair - Jamie Magee

Grandmother was the only parent Ember had ever had Ember’s mother had overdosed a few months after having Ember. Her mother had been sixteen and Ember’s father had been a marine and had run. Then after time went on every now and again Ember’s father showed up and Ember would see him in the distance watching her play. When Ember was seventeen her grandmother passed away and Ember never felt more alone in her life. Ember headed up to be with her father leaving behind her boyfriend. Then three months before graduation Ember had no chance to make friends  and her dad was a stranger who was her father. Her father worked in a club at night and slept days Ember and her father had a sort of bond that had formed. Ember was pretty sure her father was amazed that she turned out normal nothing like her mother or father. Her father gave her precautions as he had enemies that would use her to get to him and Ember listened pretty much. Then Ember started  working at Mrs. Lin’s family’s dry cleaning business. Ember slowly started to hate her life but she was too tired too care. Ember had seen Slayton just before dawn leaving a female’s place. Slayton was beautiful and Ember reacted to him like no other male before him. Slayton was broken under the surface that was screaming Embers name and Slayton woke Ember from the fog of her life. Ember didn’t welcome drama but felt whatever Slayton brought with him would be worth it. Slayton told Ember to kiss him and get on his bike. Ember was still a virgin. Then four men came into the unit Slayton and Ember were in. Slayton told the men that Ember was his girlfriend and Ember’s gut told her Slayton had saved her as her father’s last name was brought up as well as the daughter. Slayton claimed it wasn’t Ember. Ember asked Slayton if her father was dead and he said “ not yet”. Ember knew her father was a gambler and he battled addictions as well as PTSD. The next morning as Slayton got ready with his knives and guns. Ember knew Slayton could be deadly yet ember knew he had protected her the day before.

This was a hard book to read but never boring. Completely engrossed with this story. The plot was very good. There was surprises and twists throughout the story. There are many layers to this story. I liked that I couldn’t figure this story out unlike others I have read. This was definitely a dark story. For Ember and Slayton to stay together is definitely star crossed considering who they are but it works in this story. I didn’t really like how trusting I liked the characters and how they interacted and I like the twists in this story and I recommend.