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Great Story and Characters

The Sheikh's Island (Sheikh's Wedding Bet Series Book 4) - Leslie North

Rameez Molomel signed the paper that would make him the new owner of Muharraq island. Rameez enjoyed a close relationship with the sheikh Quader Khalidizach who was the other signer of the deed he had just won the island from on a bet. Love wasn’t high on Raneez’s list of priorities and marriage wasn’t even on the list Rameez’s mother - Shifa had been suffering  from poor health. The doctor wanted to meet with Rameez. Shifa wanted Rameez to find someone to love. Wynifred had written a book called Love Solves All. Then Haris called Wynifred and wanted her to mediate an issue with his cousin. Haris and Rameez were raised as brothers b Shifa since Haris had been a little boy. Wnyifred’s publishers were not happy but this was what she wanted to do. According to Haris the two cousins had barely spoken for years. When they did talk all  they did was argue. As time goes by Haris asks Wnyifred  out but she tries to avoid it as he is a client. The doctor had also told Rameez he felt Rameez’s mother’s poor health was basically from stress and anxiety over the rift between the two men that Shifa looked upon as her sons.But it is clear both men are Alpha males and are super stubborn and want to hate each other just because. Rameez also knows there is a reason Haris had this mediation involving Wynifred. Wynifred is attracted to rameez when they met but she still tries to remain professional but then Rameez kisses her. Anton is using  Haris to get the island Rameez had won. Then Haris and Rameez vie for Wynifred.

I really loved this book . the plot was excellent. The story kept me interested from beginning until the end. The story just has everything in it: mystery, suspense, bad guy- of course, a lot of twists and turns, an island, misunderstandings, desire, feud passed down from the men’s fathers, mediator, danger, romance, family, and love. How can you go wrong. I love Wynifred’s determination. I also love how Rameez opened up to Wynifred when he knew he cared for her. I definitely love how Shifa just wants the two men she loves as son’s  to get over their anger toward each other. I loved the twists and turns in this story as well as the characters and I highly recommend.