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Great Story and Characters

Take Me Deeper: A Texas Bounty Novel - Jackie Ashenden

Zane Redman comes from a family of bounty hunters. While he’s in between tours from the military, he goes home at the request of his brothers after his father’s death. While there, he gets roped into going after a bail jumper. Iris Callahan has had it rough. While trying to make money to support her sister, she gets inadvertently involved in illegal activities. When she’s busted, she has no choice but to run for fear she will be killed. She wasn’t expecting someone like Zane coming after her. This was a pretty good book. I really felt bad for both Zane and Iris. You get to really understand why both characters are the way they are after everything they’ve been through. There was plenty action in this book to keep your interest. I can’t wait to read more on both of the other brothers. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book