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Wrong for Me (Motor City Royals) - Jackie Ashenden

Levi and Rachel had been part of a group of friends that had rotten situations in their lives but managed to be friends and survived. Levi had been in prison for eight years as he had accidentally killed a man who was about to attack his best friend Rachel. Levi had changed while in prison. Rachel never gave her statement and never went to see Levi while he was in prison and she was the reason he was really there trying to protect her. Levi had wanted to be with Rachel not just best friends before he went to prison Levi is determined now to have Rachel no matter what it takes. Rachel is a tattoo artist and has a shop called Sugar Ink. but Levi now owns the building her business is in. Rachel must decide if she wants her shop enough to do what Levi wants or to give it up at least in the present location Sugar Ink is if she doesn’t go to Levi she will lose her business.

I didn’t really like this story guess it was to dark for me. I felt sorry for Rachel for what she had went through but she really should have gave a statement and at the very least visited Levi while he was in prison. As far as I am concerned there was no excuse for how Rachel did levi wrong after he was there since he was trying to protect her and they were suppose to be best friends but she didn’t stand by Levi and she was wrong for that. I also didn’t like Levi using blackmail to get Rachel. Just didn’t care for this story.