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Waer - Meg Caddy

Lowell is a werewolf out hunting with his little brother Kemp Then Lowell finds a badly injured female werewolf- Lycaea. There were soldiers chasing Lyaea  lead by Daemen  who wants Lycaea back. Daemen was a very cruel man and tortured Lycaea. Daemen hates all waers. Lycaea had been forcefully turned into a werewolf but she refuses to shift and pays dearly for her stubbornness. Lowell takes Lycaea home but Lowell’s mom doesn’t have enough skill to heal her so they call in a skilled healer named Moth. Lowell lived in the valley that was peaceful and Lowell and Lycaea are opposites , Lowell had been a shepherd and a peaceful family man and he was content in both werewolf and human form. Whereas Lycaea was an escaped prisoner,and a loner who had been tortured and wanted to end Daemen the want for revenge is strong in Lycaea and she is stubborn.The soldiers came to Lowell's valley and burned and killed many werewolves. Lowell had to watch his family be killed. But Lowell and Lycaea do get away . Lycaea and Lowell head to Luthan which is Lycaea home city to get help to bring Daemen down..

I had mixed feelings on this story. First werewolves are brought in the story in the beginning and then they aren’t talked about anymore like being a werewolf or the creature itself was no longer important to this story and I didn’t understand that. I found this to be a slow read for the ,most part but the ending was really good. I’m not sure I really liked Lycaea’s character which made this harder for me to read but I did love Lowell’s character if i didn’t I never would have read the whole book and would have missed the ending. This did have a good plot just seemed to fall a little short for mr. i did like the ins and outs of the story.