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Good Story and Characters

Heartthrob (Hollywood Hearts, #1) - Belinda  Williams

Allegra/Ally was going to her friend Lena’s in L A. Ally was to design two gowns for Lena; one for the Golden Globe Awards ceremony and the other for the Academy Awards ceremony. Ally had been ready to move to NYC to take a course in fashion designing but her father had gotten sick and then passed away and Ally stayed with her family and had managed the family restaurant for the past five years. Ally and Lena had met and became best friends the last two years of H S. Lena’s  mother had passed away from cancer when Lena was a teen. Lena had always been beautiful but shy when Ally had first met her. Now Lena was one of the hottest stars in Hollywood and wanted Ally to go after her dream. But also Lena was going through a separation and divorce from internationally known producer Duncan Moore which was all through the media. Ally felt Lena could use a true friend more than anything and agreed to go to Hollywood . One morning Ally heard someone arguing with Ally outside so Ally went out to protect her friend. It turned out to be Lena’s leading man in the upcoming movie Lena and Jacob were to star in and they were running some lines. Jacob/Jake Swan was the hottest man in Hollywood. Jake seemed to really like Ally.

I enjoyed this story a lot. It gave you a look at Hollywood: the insecurities, the rivalries, the media, the lies that can be told out of jealousy. This shows a very long and true friendship that had started before Lena had anything to do with Hollywood and how Lena remembered Ally’s dream and wanted to help her achieve that dream even though she was now a very famous movie star. It shows love and what being in the public can do to you and all in fiction but seemed very realistic.  I loved how Lena had never forgotten Ally and her dream. Ally was shot into the craziness of Hollywood and the awards drama and the betrayal that Hollywood is famous for. I loved how the characters interacted. I liked the plot a lot it was a good one. It didn’t take long to read this but I did enjoy this. I liked the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.