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Catch Me If You Can - Juliette Cosway

It was Peter River’s first time in England. He was on his way to Craven Estates. The carriage was at the disposal of Peter and his boss Frieda during their visit. Peter oversaw Frieda’s estate. Peter had now known Frieda for three years. James Craven was their host and was Frieda’s brother in law.Peter tended to be a loner and had the reputation of a blackguard yet he was popular with the ladies. Eleanor was looking forward to meeting Peter and hearing about America. Peter went by the name “Rivers” . Rivers watched Eleanor in the most determined way as they had tea. It made Eleanor’s skin tingle. Eleanor often donned men’s clothes and rode astride a horse like a man did not sidesaddle as a lady rode a horse. People on the estate was used to eleanor’s ways. Eleanor had been at a finishing school in france  but had been thrown out and sent home within seven months. Rivers unfortunate family circumstances left him unwilling to be in a long term relationship or even consider marriage. Eleanor stayed in contact with her friend from the finishing school Miette. Eleanor wants to to travel through America as her father had. When Eleanor’s dad dies from a riding accident Eleanor decides to visit her aunt Frieda in America and Frieda sends Rivers to escort Eleanor on the trip.

This was a pretty good read. It wasn’t a favorite and didn’t WOW me but I have read or should I say tried to read a lot worse or I never even finished. I liked that Eleanor got to grow up free but it seems to me would be harder for her to find a husband as most men would be intimidated by Eleanor. This did have a good plot and I did like the characters. I didn’t care for how Frieda stated that both brothers were one to her. It seems to me it would cause more rivalry or at least hurt the two brothers egos. Each man would want to be known for himself. I did like the ins and outs for the most part.