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Good Story and Characters

The 12 Dares of Christmas - Leigh W Stuart

Lauren needed a male dancer to jump out of a cake in the next fifteen minutes. The Knitting Society Of Sycamore Grove deserved that much for all the help they had given Lauren in her passion to have a new animal shelter that was sorely needed with a no kill policy and new clean and roomy kennels flr the animals.Lauren had contacted groups and businesses in town for support for the shelter. The knitters had jumped at the chance to help their community. The ladies had given their everything and Lauren wanted to give them a special end of the year party.lauren had been stuck in waitressing since graduating college with her bachelor's degree and couldn’t find a job in her field. Lauren was blackmailing her brother Cooper into being the male dancer. Then the original person who was the cousin of Lauren’s friend showed up or so Lauren thought. His name was Gabe and he was hot and was actually Cooper’s best friend from college. Gabe was presently unemployed but had a good interview to get an analytics manager with the governor's staff.  Gabe thought Lauren was coming on to him and was all for it no matter what Cooper said but that wasn’t what Lauren wanted from Gabe was to come out of the cake and act like a male dancer. Cooper had invited gabe to stay for a week with him after the interview. Then when Lauren finally realized who Gabe was she dared him to be the one out of the cake and dance. Gabe did remend Lauren he then would have a right to dare her back about  she agreed. Lauren’s mom and stepdad were on a cruise for Christmas and had rented out their house to Lauren had to stay with Cooper. Cooper kept his place really cold . gabe came into Lauren while she was sleeping and woke her up for a pillow and blanket. He ended up in the same bed as Lauren and dares her to keep her cold feet and hands off him during the night. Once Lauren had fallen asleep she turned to Gabe for his body heat and losing the dare. Gabe had heard about Lauren from cooper but he had left out her beauty as well as her continuous energy which drew Gabe to Lauren. Then since Lauren lost the first dare gabe then dared her to touch him where ever she wanted for as long as she wanted.

I liked this story a lot. I loved the dares going back and forth between gabe and Lauren. I also liked the attraction between Gabe and Lauren even if Lauren didn’t want to come between her brother and his best friend. This also had a good plot and kept my interest. I also laughed at times while reading this and that is always a good thing. I loved the ins and outs of this story and the characters and I recommend.