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Good Story and Characters

A Most Delicate Pursuit - Pamela Labud

Michael is the  the Earl Of Blandon and he has been a player and  been a player and a gambler.  best friend - Ashton who’s sister in law is Beatrice. Ashton asks Michael to take Beatrice away and hide her and talk her into marriage if he has to til they can get into court to stop the forced engagement and stop her guardian. . Michael knows Beatrice and likes her so he agrees. Beatrice has one male relative Sir Alfred Danbury who is her cousin. Alfred had Bea betrothed to an evil old man for money- Richard- who had already been married a couple times.  While Michael and Bea are trying to get away they are attacked and some are killed but Bea and Michael make it into the forest and to a lodge. Michael and Bea both had secret feelings for the other.

I enjoyed this story and it was a fast read. I also enjoyed the plot. But some parts were just unrealistic to me Some parts of the story was slower but got through it. I did like how Michael was willing to jump in and help Bea. I enjoyed the flow for most of the story. I also like how Ash is concerned enough for Bea to go to his friend. I liked the characters a lot in this story and I also really liked the ins and outs of this story. I recommend.