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Great Story and Characters

Beautifully Broken - Laura    Lee

Kat had a pretty bad childhood as Kats mother was a heroin addict and prostitute and Kat had been in and out of the system all her life. Kat didn’t know who her father was and doubted her mother even knew. Kat had two best friend’s Dylan and Bree- although Dylan was more a friends with benefits. Kat didn’t date she did one night stands she learned at a young age not to trust love and relationships. Kat went to a dive bar to drink when a man- Gavin asked her why she is drinking alone on her birthday.  Kat made no secret that she wanted to sleep with Gavin but he said no and took her to a diner instead and they both had pumpkin pie with whipped cream and hot chocolate. Gavin tried to get her to tell him her name and she just said Red as she had a red dress and lipstick on. Kat called him Sparkles. Kat told Gavin she was twenty two but in reality she had just turned eighteen.  As he had bright blue eyes. After eating they went to Gavin’s apartment and had sex and Kat left early that morning before Gavin was awake.

This was an excellent story and I loved it . It went over the course of a couple of years but didn’t drag and kept my attention right from the beginning. This was just a great story and told very well. My heart went out to Kat as though I knew her for all she endured her whole life and how broken she felt inside. I also felt bad for Gavin and what his ex had done to him both times.I was glad Kat had Bree and Dylon. This story shows a kaleidoscope of emotions and all well portrayed and I loved that. I loved the characters and how they all interacted,  I loved the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.