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Good Story and Characters

The Bad Boy Bargain - Kendra C Highley

Kyle was rumored to be a troublemaker, thief and girl magnate especially older ones in college when he was a senior in HS and played baseball.  Cade was Kyle’s good friend and wanted kyle to go to a party that cade was going to. Kyle was also dyslexic though few knew. Faith dated one of the most popular guys at school- Cameron but Faith wasn’t sure she really wanted to be with Cameron anymore.Also rehearsals for Oklahoma started in two weeks and Cameron wanted all Faith’s time. Cameron was not happy when Faith got the lead female part. Cameron and Faith had been dating for six months but Cameron was not happy faith would not sleep with him. Violet was Faith’s best friend. Kyle had a love for gardening but also kept that hidden but Kyle made money even though  his family was well to do but believed he should work for the things he wanted and he did. Faith and Cameron went to the party Cade had asked Kyle to go to. Cameron had asked Faith what wa sup then took off on her , then Faith caught Cameron in bed naked with Holly. Faith then broke it off with Cameron Kyle had only been three when his grandma and mom died in a car accident so he really didn’t know much about females. Kyle lived with his dad and grandpa. Faith finds out Cameron is trashing her and said he dumped her because she was an ice queen. Faith decides she needs to be with Kyle with his bad boy womanizer image. Then Faith finds out Kyle is working on their lawn in the back yard to redo it for an important luncheon. Also Cameron’s lies would be questioned if Faith turned up with Kyle. Kyle agrees to Faith’s idea as it was Cameron and his friends who made life hell for Kyle in middle school.

This was a good read and i did enjoy it. It was predictable but that didn’t take away from the story at all as there were a lot of little twists in the story. I liked how Faith seemed to sense the rumors about Kyle just weren’t true and that wasn’t who Kyle really was. I also liked how Kyle showed Faith who he really was. Kyle didn’t want Faith hurt by the lies that he had told. Yet when Cade came to him and told him faith needed him he went to her. I liked the plot and liked the characters a lot. I liked the ins and out of this story and I recommend.