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Good Story and Characters

Millionaire Under the Mistletoe - Stefanie London

Stella left Australia to go back to England as her grandfather -Nicholas had passed away. Stella has to go back to her grandfather's estate to find the perfect buyer if she decides to sell but she has to stay a month. On the plane in first class Stella ends up across the aisle from Ewan- who had been taking care of the estate after her grandfather passed away and wanted to buy the estate and turn it into a high end hotel for the wealthy. Stella was not happy to be on the same plane as Ewan nor did she want to take to him. Stella was also determined not to sell the property to Ewan. Stella had been rejected by her mom when she was younger and felt isolated and couldn’t relate to her peers. Stella’s grandfather had taken Ewan in as he had been poor and he didn’t have the best of mother’s and mentored him. Ewan had been Stella’s crush but when she was eighteen he humiliated and rejected her that was four years ago but she never really got over the hurt. Ewan is now a self made wealthy man -Stella’s grandfather had been there every step of the way- . Stella had been in bad relationships since Ewan’s rejection and was determined to protect her heart as was Ewan but they were attracted to each other. Ewan had felt Stella was off limits especially as he didn’t believe in love or relationships after the way his mom was.

This was a quick read also the romance was predictable. I liked that Stella was so stubborn and give into the attraction she still felt for Ewan. Ewan on the other hand took me awhile to warm up to. Ewan just seemed to care about himself and what he wanted. But showing both his and Stella’s background did help. The plot was good also the characters. I enjoyed the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.