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Great Story and Characters

Spy Fall - Diana Quincy

Lord Cosmo Dunsmore never expected to die in a cornfield at dawn. But then he saw a spirit -  how much had he drank last night-  he thought Hades would wear black or even red the color of vice. Then Cosmo thought maybe Hades wasn't’ the spirit he was seeing after all. After all the spirit was coming down from the sky. Cosmo got up and walked toward what he thought was a spirit who seemed to run into Cosmo and they both went down. Then there followed a lot of unladylike curses in French,Then the spirit told Cosmo to get up. But Mari was no spirit she was Mari Laemarre and her and her brothers Marcel and Max were spies for the crown. Cosmo got on his feet Mari was not happy as she said her parachute was ruined. Likely because of this man her assignment got botched and she was running out of time. Mari asked where they were and Cosmo’s reply was at Dorset home of Marquess of Aldridge. Cosmo was the Marquess heir. Mari felt lucky after all that she landed on Cosmo. Marie pretends to have hurt her knee and Cosmo carried her back to Langley house. Mari told Mrs Godfrey she was an aeronaut and jumped from a balloon. This was the house of a suspected traitor but Mari had to get evidence against Cosmo’s father that he was giving information to France .  Also there was a secret list that could destroy Mari’s family and she had to find that. Cosmo’s sister had died in childbirth and Cosmo had been feeling sorry for himself since as he feels guilty. Cosmo becomes attracted to Mari but feels she is not who she says she is, Cosmo and his father’s relationship is strained with the Marquess having health problems and grieving for the loss of his daughter. Mari finds she has grown attracted to Cosmo and finding Cosmo hard to resist. Mari actually likes the Marquess. Mari is not a lady and loves wearing pants, help support her family, and jump out of balloons. Her fiance had died and Mari feels she will not fall for another man. The bridge washed out and the Marquess offers a place for Mari and her brothers Marcel and Max a place to stay.

I felt this was a great book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot was great and the story was well written. This story had a lot to it: unknown enemy, drama , a secret list. kidnapping, romance, mystery, suspense, suspected traitor, intrigue, guilt, spies, blackmail. A jealous female neighbor, attempted murder, a house party. Mysterious accidents, action. Passion, twists, and a lot more. The characters were great. I loved the twists and turns and I highly recommend.