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Good Story and Characters

His to Love: A Fireside Novel - Stacey Lynn

Tyson thought he found the forever kind of love when he was eighteen with Gabriella/Blue. But Blue left Tyson  when she turned eighteen herself. Tyson tries looking for her but then gives up and goes on with his life. Tyson has a football career. Blue was actually a Mafia princess Then Tyson gets hurt and changes careers and goes into the FBI. Blue’s father ordered a hit on Tyson’s father who was a cop and he was killed. It had been ten years since Tyson has seen Blue but then she returns home to be with her dying mother. Blue had forgotten what it was like to be a Mafia princess. Her father is planning on stepping down and has plans for Blue. But blue has no interest in her father’s business. Tyson is ordered to get close to Blue again and find out what was up with her father. Tyson tried to get out of the mission but couldn’t Blue was happy to see Tyson again but she was also wary. Feelings started to return.

I really like this story. It had a very good plot and was well written. I like how Tyson never had forgot Blue and still had feelings for her all these years later. What a mix an FBI agent and a Mafia princess but it dod work. I felt bad Tyson has to get close to Blue for other   reasons then he still cared for her. I love the characters especially Tyson and Blue. I liked all the ups and downs of this story . I would have liked to hear more of Tyson’s POV so we could tell what was actually going on in his head. But besides that I really enjoyed this story and I recommend.