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Great Story and Characters

Impulse (Infinitus Billionaire) (Volume 1) - E. B. Walters

Jillian was the best stunt woman in the business in Hollywood. Chis was an honorary uncle and her stunt coordinator the only one Jillian worked, The past seven years Jillian had doubled for many female actresses under Chris’s watchful eyes. Chris was not happy that Jillian was working again with her brothers as they would put her life in danger for a stunt. Chris had watched out for Jillian since her mother had married into the Fearless Finnegan's family- a family of fearless daredevils. Jillian had been ten when Daniel had adopted her. The Jillian had a father, brothers, cousins, an aunt and a uncle who all welcomed her to the family. Jillian was sixteen when a freak accident took her mother’s life. Chris wanted Jillian to find love but not with the male lead of the movie as she was spending a lot of time with her. Jillian told Chris it wasn’t like that. Then Lex pulled up to the lot. Lex was on a huge Leeds Road King motorcycle. It was a top of the line bike. Two years before Lex’s cousin Ed came to Lex with a proposal to create custom made bikes. Then Lex had wanted to do business with Hujimura Motorcycle Distributors but the CEO was a traditionalist and only worked with married men. A rival of Lex’s was also trying to work with the CEO and they were all married but had an inferior bike. Lex offered Jillian a contract for a lot of money to be his fake wife for a year and she needed some instant cash - a lot of cash to help her family.

This was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had some of everything: motorcycles, business moves. Hollywood bs, thugs, an unknown grandmother, adopted family, supposed betrayal, daredevils. stunts, a unique set of friends,  passion, romance, and so much more. I loved how strong Lex was until it came to Jillian. I loved how it showed the unique way Jillian handled intense mental pain. I also loved it when Jillian was just being herself. I liked how Lex was determined to protect Jillian even against her stubborn self. I loved the plot and characters and the twist of this story. I highly recommend