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Great Story and Characters

Letting Go - Kate L. Mary

As Sarah was running a big dog jumped out at her. Sarah checked his tag and his name was Kal-El and the address on the dogs tag was a couple blocks from her home. Sarah wasn’t a dog person she felt they were too messy. But when Sarah stopped at the address on the collar no one was home. Sarah took Kal-El home and proceeded to call his owner who said that he would be there in five hours as he was in Atlanta which was five hours away. When Zac- Kal-El’s owner came to pick him up he invited Sarah to his house for dinner and she accepted. Zac had been at Comic Com and Sarah had dreams of one day going there. Meg was Sarah’s roommate. Livie was Sarah’s half sister who was four years old and Sarah was raising and had been since Livie was six months old. But once a month Livie went and spent the night with her mother and this day was called Freedom Friday and her Sarah and Meg went out to drink, dance, go to clubs  and have a good time. Then early the next morning it was time to go get Livie and bring her home  Meg had been there for Sarah since Jr High and when she was seventeen and left her mother’s house she moved in with Meg and her parents now her and Meg and Livie lived together. But once a month Sarah got to be a normal twenty two year old woman. Sarah worked for Whiney on and off since she was seventeen as well as went to school and with Livie had very little time for herself. On Mondays Sarah worked open to close for Whinnie as that was when Whinne made the treats for Whinnie’s Sweet Shop. Sarah had went on the date to Zac’s and he had three dogs not one. The dogs ended up pushing Sarah down in the bathroom and she freaked out. She told Zac this wasn’t going to work. Now Sarah had to let go of Zac her life was too complicated and she had too much baggage and Zac was a nice guy and didn’t deserve her type of craziness from her childhood with a hoarder- her mom.

This was an excellent story and I loved it. I had never read a story especially a romance including hoarding in it. I was very very impressed how the Arthur handled this subject and all that goes with it including the people who were damaged  by the person in their life’s hoarding. I loved how Sarah stepped up to raise her younger sister and all the sacrifices that went with that. This was a great read with a great plot and was well written.  Yet this was so sad in some places i completely choked up. I loved the characters and how they interacted with each other. I loved the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.