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Great Story and Characters

Blow: A Virtuous Paradox Novel - Heidi  McLaughlin

Bodhi was in the band Virtuous paradox. Bodhi was just coming off a month of supposed rest and relaxation . But Bodhi was addicted to cocaine that could hurt his career and he can’t actually remember the last time he wasn’t high especially in the month he had off. Thanks to Aspen Bodhi’s assistant he never had to be straight as she was always there with more coke for him. Tomorrow the band will be back to work the long hours in the recording studio and learning new dance steps. Bodhi let Aspen move in as she had nowhere to go and that was a big mistake.Bodhi's manager pushes open his bedroom door and tells him to get dressed and get in the living room.When he enters the living room he sees his dad and another man there who was Dr. Gordon. Brodhi’s dad talks to him alone and he admits he can’t remember the last time he was sober. Brodhi is to check in to Dr. Gordon’s rehab the next day for thirty days for the night he will stay at his parents house luckily his mother was away and wouldn’t have to see Brodhi like this. Rebel- the band's manager and producer- is giving the band an extra month off while Brodhi is in rehab.Brodhi's father told him he could leave the rehab but if he did leave that he would be cut off and not welcome at his parents home. Brodhi’s dad rides with him to Serenity Springs. Brodhi is introduced to Kim who was to do one on one with him she would be his friend someone he could trust and always be there to talk to no matter time it was. Kim was also the doctor’s daughter. Kim takes Brodhi to his room and then goes back to her office and calls her best friend Daphne - they had been friends since grade school. Kim hates that Broshi let himself get into coke but she is still attracted to him.

I absolutely love this book it has become one of my new favorites. It was a really great read although in the beginning I didn’t think it would be that great then suddenly I didn’t want to put the story down and read it every chance I got until I was done. I felt like I was right there with Brodhi and Kim. The plot was great and I loved the characters. I was even upset when I thought Brodhi relapsed but it all turned out to be awesome. I loved the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.