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Good Story and Characters

Last Promise - Scarlett Dunn

Women loved Luke and men envied his carefree approach to life. Luke’s motto was simple: he loved to laugh and horses, and women. Luke had returned to Wyoming one year ago. Luke had made a lot of money when he was traveling around the country busting horses. Also some silver mining. There had been a lady on the recent stagecoach with a pink hat that Luke knew his two sister in laws would love and he would bet a beautiful woman wore that hat. Up close he knew he was right but the woman snubbed him and he didn’t remember that ever happening. The lady’s name was Mary Ann and she was from England and had come to Wyoming to her uncle George who owns the hotel. Mary Ann found the men in America were crude and overall distasteful. Mary Ann has run from England to avoid a forced marriage to Edmund. Mary Ann’s father wouldn’t listen to a word Mary Ann had to say. Mary Ann became a challenge to Luke. Luke found as time went on he wanted Mary Ann more than he had ever wanted a female. Mary Ann is determined to start a new life. Luke leaves to try to find his friend and the mystery of his friend’s wife. Mary Ann’s father shows up in Wyoming and talks Mary Ann into going back to England.

I liked this story a lot. It was fast paced. I was pulled into this story right from the start and it kept my interest. This is well written. I like how Luke is loyal and looking for his friend who has been missing for three months and to find out the mystery of his friend’s wife. I like how Mary Ann is independent and strong enough to leave her country and go to another she had never before been to so she could avoid marrying someone she didn’t want to. But at times it was hard to follow when it jumped around from different character's point of views a lot. But all and all a very good book that had great characters and a good plot. I loved the ins and outs and i recommend.