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Good Story and Characters

Her Forbidden Cowboy (Cowboys After Dark Book 12) - Maggie Carpenter

Scott owned Sampson’s Boarding Stables and had been angry more often than not in recent months. It was getting old. Cathy had pushed him and he had finally lost it today and took her over his lap and spanked her. Scott didn’t really understand why he had been unable to control himself with Cathy. Scott decides to sell the barn he just doesn’t like all the drama.He has another property also he’s been redoing to be a training and sales barn. Cathy’s father David comes to Scott to ask him about the property , David is a real estate developer. David offers to help  financially if that was the problem as Cathy was happy at this barn with her horses. Then David asked Scott just to think about it for a couple of days. Scott had been in the business of boarding horses five years. His vision had been of a happy barn with a warm family atmosphere. He had made money but just couldn’t take the drama. Cathy asked Scott out for coffee and he accepted. Cathy had been wanting a man to take her in hand and Scott had. Scott’s rule was not to get involved with boarders but with Cathy…. Scott makes it clear whenever Cathy misbehaves she will be spanked. Then Cathy's mother Marlene finds out Cathy is dating a cowboy and is furious. Cathy’s mom threatens Scott and tells him to leave her daughter alone. Marlene has has plans for Cathy to marry a rich, foreign horse trainer.

I liked this story a lot. I like how Cathy went after what she wanted which was Scott. This was a quick enjoyable read. I liked the plot and the writing. I liked the characters a lot. I also liked the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.