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Good Story and Characters

To Lure a Proper Lady (Duke-Defying Daughters Book 1) - Ashlyn Macnamara

Lady Elizabeth/Lizzie is the daughter of duke Sherrington, Lizzie was the eldest daughter of three Caro, and Philippa. Caro loves to ride horses and Philippa is the quiet one and likes to paint.   Lizzie is the most level headed and responsible of the girls and she suspects her father the Duke is being poisoned. So even though the Duke is a hypochondriac she believes he is really ill this time. Elizabeth then hires a Bow Street Runner to investigate. Dysart is the one that is available when she goes to hire the Runner. The Duke is determined to throw a party to find his three daughters respectable husbands before he passes away. Dysart agrees to pose as a Lord at the party so he can mingle with the guests. Dysart had been a part of society but decided to leave. Dysart is immediately attracted to lady Elizabeth and she to him but society would never accept them as a couple. Her father wants Lizzie to marry Snowley as he is the Duke’s heir. While at the party Dysart attraction to Lizzie gets in the way of his mingling and finding out information for her. Lizzie then becomes bold for her station in life and tries to break Dysart’s determination to keep a wall between them. Dysart starts out as a man with many layers like an onion which is a way to keep distance between him and Lizzie. But then some of Dysart as a young man is shown. Also the thought of marrying Snowley makes Lucy shutter.

I like this story a lot. It has many things going for it. Definitely a lot of people you think may be suspects so you read on. This was a little slow paced but got through it. I liked the old aunt a lot who seemed to .  see things clearer than the others. At times this was a little tedious with Dysart keeps saying he is not good enough for Lizzie. I liked the plot. I liked the characters a lot. I loved the twists and turns in this story and I recommend.