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Great Story and Characters

The Redemption of Julian Price - Victoria Vane, Jenny Toney-Quinlan

Henrietta believes she will never marry although Tom had proposed but didn't make it back from war. But Henrietta wants to be independent and not live with her brother after he marries, So she decides to go to London to see her aunt Lady Cheswick. Maybe Henrietta can become her aunt's companion. Julian and Tom and Henrietta and her twin brother Harry were all best friends until Henrietta  started turning into a young lady. Julian was back from the war but has survivors guilt as he had lived and Tom hadn’t and Tom had been his best friend. Julian shows up just before Henrietta is to leave and offers to give Henrietta a ride. Then they could catch up on each other. Julian’s uncle had mortgaged his land and squandered Julian’s inheritance while Julian was at war. Julian had been raised by his uncle. Then Henrietta learns her aunt is giving her a dowry of ten thousand pounds and she asks Julian to marry her so she can help him pay off his land and he agrees.

I loved this story was bittersweet in a way. Going from childhood best friends and Henrietta still helping Julian plus he helped her in she wouldn’t be a spinster after all. This was a good quick read. Also this story got a lot of your emotions going. I love how loyal Henrietta was to Julian also. This story grabbed my attention  right away and kept it until the story was over. I loved the plot and the characters . I also loved the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.