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Good Story and Characters

Necessary Evil - Jamie K. Schmidt

Lucy was on the train back to Babylon from Manhattan where she had spent the evening with her friends. Lucy wished that she and her friends could get together more than once a month as she missed her friends but with all the diverse paths in life they took just couldn’t happen. At the train station Lucy was mugged a couple motorcycles pulled up and the person ran with Melissa’s pocketbook. One motorcycle chased her attacker and the other pulled up to her. At first she was frightened until she seen it was Evan. Evan was a ex cop who had retired young and now was part owner of a bar - The Blue Line. Evan invited Lucy for a drink when he was a cop and she was the lawyer facing off in court. She caught cops when they broke technicalities  on procedures involving capture and arresting a person. Getting the cops for sloppy work. Lucy cared that everyone got a fair trial guilty or not but she had her reasons. Sentinel was co-owner of The Blue Line and had been the second bikes rider. Sentinel was an army vet. Warrior was another biker who patrolled the streets Lucy didn’t know him to well but he had worked in the prison system. Lucy was attracted to Evan but Evan was looking for a friend with benefits and Lucy was looking for long term. Evan had told Lucy two years ago after he kissed her he wasn’t what she was looking for. Evan had also kissed Lucy again tonight after he tended to her burn from his motorcycle. Lucy had a brother named Bobby who never called unless he wanted something. Now he calls to let her know he was leaving California and would be at her place soon. Lucy said no he had to get his own place and a job she knew what would happen if she took him in she had before. Lucy knew she was Bobby’s rock. Evan /Evil got the word on who to go after and get rid of from the  “Judge” who had been throwing more and more names at the Sentinels of Babylon as Evil and his friends had named themselves when the were a lot younger and hung out together when things weren’t good at home. . Some of the names the Sentinels were getting had not even seen a judge yet and there a certain line Evil didn’t want to cross. The “Judge “ had been pushing more and more for them to cross that line. Then an Internal Affairs Officer- Travis had asked Lucy out to dinner he also said he had something he wanted to talk over with her. Travis told Lucy he believed that Evan had a gang of vigilantes that was going around taking out bad people as there was a lot of unanswered deaths lately.  Travis wanted Lucy to spy on Evan and his friends. She got mad and left the restaurant. Then Evan gets Booby’s name from the “Judge” for murder and Lucy refused to believe Bobby was a murderer as he told her he was innocent.

I really liked this story. I liked how even though Evan was in fact a vigilante he still had certain rules he wanted to follow. I also liked how Evan went to help his friend even though he wanted to be with Lucy. I liked how you really couldn’t predict what was going to happen for the most part at least I couldn’t anyway. I liked the characters a lot. I liked the plot and in some ways I secretly agreed with Evan he was just trying to get rid of the bad guys that kept slipping through the cracks of justice. I also understand Lucy and the way she felt especially after what happened to her dad. Anyway I liked the ins and outs of this and I recommend.