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Great Story and Characters

Burned by Her Devotion (Rogue Vows) - Melinda Leigh, Kate Rudd

Seth would rather be home with his family then babysitting a murderer overnight. Seth’s sister in law- Stevie had just married the police chief and they were off on their honeymoon. Seth was a detective in the Major Crimes Unit in the sheriff's department  and Solitude was within his jurisdiction. With the public nature of Chase Ryan’s murder no one wanted another odd event even though Seth’s gut told him something wasn’t right it just hadn’t reached his brain yet. Toby was the confessed killer of Chase. Toby is being transported to a regular jail when a semi hits the police car he was in. Seth was following behind because of that gut feeling. When Seth checks out the fit car  Toby is gone and the officer that had been driving was badly hurt. A man hunt starts for Toby. Seth’s wife was a social worker and she was notified one of her ward’s was missing which was thirteen year old Alex. Alex was the daughter to Chase’s stalker Cyndee. Carly thinks she knows where Alex is headed and starts out looking with Officer Kenny.

I loved this second and final part of this story. It was an excellent read. It is short and a quick read. WIth great characters and  great plot.. I liked how one part ended and the second part of this story which is this one picks right up. This story had every thing: Intention car wreck, killer, suspense,;romance, murderer,  missing, gut feelings, a foster child missing, dark secrets, twists, lies. And a lot more. I loved all the twists and turns of this story as well as Carly and Seth. I highly recommend.