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Great Story and Characters

All The Ways You Saved Me (Love Unplugged) - Jamie Howard

Bianca had just graduated from law school but her parents were to busy to come- her dad was a senator. They had sent the head of her father's security detail. Renee was Bianca’s best friend and roommate and stood on a chair to wave Bianca to her. Renee and her mother Victoria invited Bianca to lunch with them. Bianca had the same hairstyle since she was twelve Victoria took her for a new a short hairstyle. For twenty five years Bianca had tried to get her parents approval no matter what she did it wasn’t good enough. Renee went out that night to a party and wanted Bianca to go but she didn’t want to and the next morning the guy across the hall woke Bianca up to let her know Renee had been ‘a cab that a drunk driver hit and hadn’t made it. Bianca was crushed but knew Victoria would be worse. Bianca stayed to help Victoria any way she could. Victoria had paid the rent on Renee’s apartment for six months gave Bianca the key and told Bianca to stay and use it and gave Bianca the key. .Bianca said she was to turn to Texas on Monday and Victoria asked her if that was what she really wanted to do. Bianca decided to stay it was only six months and also decided she would finish Renee’s bucket list since she would never get a chance to now. One of the items was on the list was to buy the person behind you a cup of coffee at the coffee shop. When Bianca did this it ended up being a hot guy named Ian and not the business man she had originally seen when she turned around.

I loved this story. It was a story that grabbed you right from the beginning and held on until you read the last page. At times it was very sad and tears slid down my face- tribute to author. I felt like i was there with Bianca and Ian. But this all added to the story even the sadness. Bianca being a lap dog for her parents who really didn’t care for her but then she finally rebelled if only in a small way at first. Harley becoming Bianca’s new best friend was great too she needed Harley like she had needed Renee almost like a sister. Then the broken Ian who suffered so much. To see him come back too life was just outstanding. I loved the plot. I loved the characters, I loved the ins and outs of this story. I highly recommend.