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Venom and Vanilla (The Venom Trilogy) - Shannon Mayer

Alena has Aegrus disease /virus  which humans got from the supernatural community and her husband Roger asked her if she remembered what he would do after she dies. Alena didn’t want to talk about that right now Alena was in a hospital but had no T V or anything so when awake had nothing to take her mind off how close she was to death. So ALena did not want ehr or Roger to think about death as they had already been through so much. So Alene brought up the day they had met. The ward Alena was in was an End Stage ward there was only four in North America and this is where she would die and end stage met she was very close to death. Roger was the sensitive one whereas Alena was the business minded one, the grounded one. Alena had built up he rbaker - Vanilla And Honey- with a lot of hard work. Dahlia was Alena roommate. Dahlia told Alena there was a cure if you had the money from a warlock. After the warlock showed up Alena found out she had an anonymous pay for her to have the cure but Alena refused and let the warlock take Dahlia to be cured. After Dahlia had been gone Alena thought of suicide and was on her way and the warlock- sorry forgot his name- showed up again and Alena took the cure but she wanted something different and the warlock promised her that..

I didn’t hate this but I didn't love this . I didn’t like how Zeus was portrayed. I can’t imagine a might God actually God of all the Gods and goddesses would have been content being a manager of a mere box store. I loved Alena grandma she sure added to the story. I like how Dahlia who had been her roommate didn’t turn on her even if she now was a different species and that was suppose to be against the rules. I also liked how Eros was portrayed for the most part. I thought it was totally rotten what Roger did Alena while she laid dying. Anyway this wasn’t one of my favorites.