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Weregirl - C. D. Bell

Nessa went to see her advisor to let him know that she would need a full scholarship to be able to go to college. Nessa had the gift of being clear and direct- The advisor brought up the fact when she had to stay at home to take care of her brother Nate whenever he was sick that winter-  she hadn’t done well in Bio even though he knew why. The sad part was Nessa loved Bio. Nessa works weekends at the Vet’s office Nessa helped with Nate anyway as he had Asperger's which met he was autistic. Cynthia Sinise was in the running for a track scholarship that year and the advisor told Nessa to see if Cynthia would give her some tips . Cynthia was quiet and intense. Nessa’s best friend was Bree. Bree and Nessa both had a crush on Cassian. Nessa felt like she may be missing out on the whole teenage experience. Cynthia had stopped to talk to Nessa and Nessa told Cynthia she wanted to run at night with her. Cynthia said OK but to be there right at eight as she wouldn’t wait. Nessa was a little late and Cynthia had already started to run Nessa was going to try to catch up with her. Nessa saw a wolf in a trap and decided to try to help it if she could. Then another white wolf came up and bit Nessa in the hip. When Nessa woke up she was in Dr. Kalish’s clinic. The Dr. told Nessa she could not run for a month at the very least and the season would almost be over then. Then a couple weeks later Nessa could hear better, and see better,her sense of smell was much better,  and the she started growing white fur on her body. Nessa was scared to death.

I loved this story right up until the end and it just stopped. I didn’t expect it to end there was no warning and my rating went down a lot because of this. GIANT CLIFFHANGER   I am so disappointed I loved the plot - til the end. I loved the characters. I also loved the ins and outs but as I said the end ruined the story for  me.