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Haunted Redemption (The Cascade) (Volume 1) - Rebecca Royce

Kendall Madison’s life sucks. It’s been a year since her life went from great to destroyed, ever since her psychic upbringing came back and bit her in the butt. It’s been six months since her divorce was final and she’s still trying to make ends meet while raising her 3 kids. Her father puts her in touch with a broker named Malcolm Fallon to help her make more money. When she sees him, the attraction that she’s only ever felt for her husband is off the charts.

This was a great book in a new series from this author. I really felt for everything Kendall went through. In the same position, I probably would’ve done the same. The writing was a bit different from the other series’ of hers I’ve read, but I really loved the difference. This was definitely my favorite from this author yet. I highly recommend.