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Good Story and Characters

Dream Maker: A Nashville Nights Novel - Erin McCarthy

Shane never went out just with the intention of hooking up with a women and sleeping with her it just happens. Shane’s gift seemed to be to get women naked and in his bed. Shane.s mother had moved then to Nashville to give his sister Jolene a chance to have a musical career. She was now a big star now. Shane was a producer starting to gain ground and respect now. Shane’s mother had left his father after having several daily beatings from her husband - Shane’s father. Shane also got beaten when  he stepped in between his mother and father. Shane hated his father using his strength and size against his wife. John loved his mother and sisters more than anything else in the world. Tonight Shane was at a bachelor’s party Chance was one of country’s hottest stars. But he had been sober for a year now. Chance was marrying Shane’s sister. It was two in the a.m  , Shane had studio time planned for the next two days. Shane left and heard an angry young woman and then Shane sees her as she got out of a truck cursing at the driver and then as the truck leaves she starts yelling running in the street for Ben to stop and let her get her purse and phone. Shane was worried that the young woman would get hit as it was dark and there were people out and driving that had been drinking. Soo Shane called to the young woman whose name was Avery  to get out of the road.  Shane offered to give Avery cab fair to get home but she refused as she had been staying with Ben at his family’s. So Avery and Shane sat in a coffee shop as Avery hoped Ben would come back to give her the purse and phone. But Avery found herself very attracted to Shane and he to her and they ended up spending the night together and having sex. Then Avery left as Shane slept but she did leave a note she didn't want Shane or anyone to think she was with Shane for his connections. Avery had not been in Nashville long but Avery had been with Ben for eight years since she was sixteen. But Avery was still a virgin- until Shane-  as Ben had said they should wait until marriage although Avery found out that been had been cheating on her. Avery had nowhere to go as her purse and phone where in Ben’s truck. Avery came to Nashville to try to get a songwriting career going.Avery also wants to meet her half brother. Three months later Avery has landed her dream job and is a junior songwriter for a publisher called Rusty  Truck. Avery runs into Shane at work and he invites her out to dinner.

I liked this story a lot. It was like a fate thing as he was at the right spot when Avery needed to be rescued.. . Avery wa a good person  like she didn’t want anyone to think that she was using Shane for his connections I just liked that. This was an all around good story. The plot was good and the writing. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend