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Good Story and Characters

Hard to Fall - Marquita Valentine

Hayden felt the family business came first which was career politicians and had been since the Revolutionary War. Hayden hated that he was being held to a promise he had made when he was barely eighteen. Before he stopped believing politicians could change the world. Hayden was a firefighter captain and loved his job and helt this was her way of serving the people. Hayden had been good lately and had not slept with a woman in three months. Hayden was at his home listening to a senator talk. But then he decided to get something to eat and runs into his mom who introduces him to Layla who was suppose to have been a year behind Hayden in school. After Hayden’s mom left Layla let Hayden know she wanted to have sex with him and they had sex later he learned from his younger bro that she was married and her sister had been a year behind Hayden. Then Hayden’s father calls him up to the center of the room where his father announces Hayden would be running for senator next year. Hayden was not happy about the announcement but he knew it was his duty and what was expected of him. That also meant Hayden had to find a wife and settle down. Saylor’s life had been lonely for the most part she had been the love child of famous actress and a politician who wanted nothing to do with her. But Saylor’s mother had wanted and tried to protect Saylor from the media as well as her father. Saylor runs an animal shelter. Saylor loves animals and Star Wars. Then Saylor is a bridesmaid at her best friend’s _ Evangeline who had married Hunter who was Hayden’s best friend. Hayden and Saylor neet and there is a mutual attraction and the spend the night together then Saylor slips away but leaves a note. Saylor didn’t want to be accused of being around Hayden for his connections. Saylor had felt cherished for that night . Hayden had got totally drunk and didn’t remember the night or his drunken proposal or his marriage to Saylor. Saylor doesn’t tell Hayden about that night. Yet when Hayden sees Saylor she looks familiar to him. Hayden’s father then turns up the pressure and gives Hayden has 45 days to find a wife. Saylor’s father then finds out Hayden and Saylor are married.

I really enjoyed it was a fun easy read. This is well written and I really liked the plot. I loved how Saylor remembered getting married to Hayden but she remembers. And she doesn’t tell him yet Hayden knows she looks familiar and he was drawn to her. My heart hurts for Saylor at times for what she had went through. I loved the characters in this story but I do feel Hayden should have stood up to his father . Also Saylor should have told Hayden they were married right away. But I do recommend.