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Good Story and Characters

Highland Awakening (Highland Knights, #2) - Jennifer Haymore

Lady Esme’s brother was the Duke of Trent and a very important man in England. Lady Esme meets Cam in a brothel house. Esme is an author of erptic fiction and doing research . Although a virgin herself. Cam is guarding Lord Pinfield’.s room Esme has to keep her writing a secret for it would destroy  her and her family as well. But while at the brothel Cam and Esme are very attracted to each other and share a kiss. Esme next sees Cam at a dinner at her brother's the Duke’s home. Esme is now engaged to Henry. Cam is determined to win Esme from Henry but also someone has killed a Highland Knight and another was near death. Cam’s father is an Earl but he had a fight with his father and has left society even though he is still his father’s heir. Cam takes care of his sister Anna and vowed not to treat  women as his father does. Yet he tries to manipulate esme and was doing it for a while until she realizes what Cam was doing then Cam has to do whatever he can to get her to forgive him. I enjoyed this story. I loved how Esme kept her writing a secret yet was published. Also Esme took a chance to do research for her stories.  one of these times was when she first met Cam. Cam knew he would have to change to win Esme but he wanted her that much to be willing to change. I also really liked when Esme figured she was being manipulated by Cam she was mad and Cam had to make up to her . I enjoyed this plot and loved the characters. I also liked the ins and outs of this story a lot. I recommend.