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First Season / Bride to Be - Jane Ashford

Annabel had been very young when she married an eligible baronet who her mother had arranged for her. But Ralph had died three years ago. Anabel had three children: William-10, Susan-9 and Nicky. Annabel's mother -Lady Sybil Goring felt the boys should be in school but Anabel took comfort from her boys.Sybil had got Annabel to come up from the country for the season but she had also brought her kids. Annabel’s mother was determined Annabel went to all the balls and entertainments the season had to offer. Annabel was was introduced to Charles and he had asked her to go for a ride in the park the next day but no one seemed happy about this. Charles was not pleasantly surprised when he found out Annabel had children. Annabel liked Christopher who was a family friend and would take things farther if she allowed him to.

I didn’t really care for Annabel as she didn’t really seem to be a good mother and she acted spoiled and selfish and doesn’t seem to make any decisions for herself I didn’t really care for this story- although I did really like the kids and Sybil and Annabel’s cousin.

Bride To be: Emily is the choice of the ton but she finds it boring. But then she meets a dark stranger whose life she had saved - he was Lord Richard Sheldon . Richard is intrigued by Emily and then they get involved in starting a scandal and are forced to become engaged. But Emily and richard are trying to keep ahead of a killer and find clues.

I liked this story a lot more than the first. I like the plot of this story as well as the characters and the ins and outs of this story.