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Good Story and Characters

Owning the Night (Hunting the Dark Lord Book 4) - Ann Jacobs

Mara was a homicide detective . Long ago Mara had loved a vampire named Dante then one evening he came home to tell her he had killed a human and then the hunters got Dante. Nara had been called out to investigate the fourth killing of a woman killed by a vampire . Like the other victims she didn’t appear to have been sexually molested or even put up a fight. Also the victim was left with a white rose as had the other three victims and they were found on the beach in less than two weeks. One of Mara’s team- Ben- felt it was Louis Reynard who had been a serial killer going around the world killing woman on the full moon. Mara had found out by experience vampires have an ability to seduce humans without trying. Alexendre/Alex is a vampire also hunting Reynard but he knows that Reynard is the killer. Whereas Mara is leaning that way more and more. Alex has been hunting Reynard for two years. Alex and Mara meet and Decide to work together to get Reynard. But they also have a strong attraction.

This book was fast paced and was a quick read that I really liked. This is well written with a great plot. I liked how Mara awakened feelings in Alec he didn’t think he’d ever have. I liked that Alec was protective of Mara and knew Reynard had to die before they could have a future together. I just really enjoyed this story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story. I recommend.